A Visit to the Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa

We have a family membership for Museum of Nature in Ottawa, and it is amazing!  This time around we were there to visit the Nature Unleashed Exhibit.  We were a little sad that there was no photography allowed to capture the kids experiencing this amazing exhibit.
This was all about extreme weather events, and natural disasters.  There were interactive volcano simulators, and models to help understand the effects of earth quakes and so much more.

Dino Fossil Gallery

This visit was particularly wonderful due an extremely knowledgeable and kind Museum guide who spent time with the children to highlight this amazing collection, and answer LOTS of questions!

Ava visiting with one of the many interactive screens

A great button

Making a friend

This was in the Discovery Zone.  We were especially excited to see this area, because it is exactly where we are headed in home studies.

Checking out Volcanic Rock!!!

Checking out a collection of fossils.

I can't even say say how much we love the Vale Earth Gallery!!!  This gallery is a treasure trove for children who who love rocks, caves and volcano's!!!  Our children were mesmerized.  Again we are in the middle of Earth and Space studies so this was so perfect!!!

A limestone cave with stalactites, stalagmites to explore!

This gallery has an absolutely stunning collection of rocks and minerals and...answers to just about every question a child could ask about formation and identification.  This was a great deal to take in, so during our studies we will be revisiting often.

This beautiful model demonstrating how sedimentary rock is formed.  We are heading into our Montessori Geology Manual very soon so this Gallery was so wonderful and exciting for us!!

The Museum has a great Cafe and Shop. Ava found a lollipop with cricket suspended in it.

This is the view looking up into the glass tower at the front of the building.
The Museum has an interesting history - the official name is Victoria Memorial Museum, but is now known  as the Canadian Museum of Nature. It is such a beautiful building. 
 I remember coming here as a child, and it is so amazing to share it with my children.



  1. Wow! This looks like a fantastic museum! I'm excited that you showed this because we are heading to Ottawa (our first time) at the end of the month and we were trying to decide which museums to take in. We do have ties to this one as a large mosasaur fossil was discovered at my grandparents' in Manitoba and sent to this museum back in the 1940s, I believe. We'll definitely put this on our list of must-do's. Any other suggestions?

    1. OH MY GOSH!! How incredible is that!! The Canadian Museum Of History is another major favourite! http://www.historymuseum.ca/ Thank you sharing that with us!!

    2. Great! Thanks so much. We'll check it out too!


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