Kids Science - Exploring Matter

Winter has completely inspired Ava to think about changes in the state of matter. She has all kinds of questions about freezing and melt. So this was a fun time to bring out a book that was an old favourite of Xander's.

This is a really fun simple book that explains and demonstrates the states of matter with great visuals and simple experiments. Everything used in the book is super easy to put together with things you most likely already have on hand.

This is one of those many things that most kids become extremely curious about. I loved this book because the kids could even gather most of the materials needed to follow along on their own.

Ava has been greatly inspired by snow. 

Melting snow by the fire. In turn boiling it on the stove.
This is such a simple way to demonstrate the changes in state of matter.

Creating carbon dioxide gas with baking soda and vinegar is such a simple and effective way to demonstrate the existence of this invisible gas. She placed a balloon over the opening of a bottle and watched.
Xander just loved this one! So sweet.

Liquids flowing and taking the shape of containers.
We pulled together some super basic things in the kitchen to fill, however there are many other cool containers you could fill to demonstrate.

 Using play dough to demonstrate solids maintaining their shape, until you manipulate them.

There are lots of other fun things going on in this book. 
The ideas for exploring matter are endless! 
I just wanted to share this because it need not be complicated.

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