A Visit to Seattle Chihuly Garden & Glass

Our vacation this year was to the west coast to visit my sister's family in Vancouver, British Columbia.  We could not resist making a special visit to Seattle, given we were practically there!!
This post is of our visit to Chihuly Garden and Glass
I will say that I was a little hesitant to bring the children through being 4 & 7yrs (at the time), and did scope the exhibit and speak to staff before hand.
They were amazing and welcoming!!! They made us feel completely comfortable!!  This was the most incredible experience.  The colour and sheer scale of the pieces we overwhelmingly beautiful, and the children were just mesmerized with all they could take in.

Walking into this this room was like stepping into a completely unreal fairytale!!

Every angle was a stunning composition of colour and form. I had visions of Ava spinning on a beautiful glass ball, but she was far to entranced to think of such things.

This was just stunning. I wanted to lay down on the floor and admire the wash of colour on the walls was so beautiful.

This was just an immense display strewn across the rafters. 

The kids loved the gardens.

Xander loved the documentary. He thought it was so funny that they threw some of the glass right in the water!!

I could not say enough about this experience for our children. This was an incredible learning opportunity and beyond inspiring!!

Amazing magical work!

Thanks for visiting with us!



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