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  1. Hi! I'm a fellow Canadian, love your site! I was just wondering if you have found any other affordable ship-to (or from Canada) sites other than Amazon? (I am still going to look at the Amazon options but am just feeling a bit bamboozled looking at all of these sites!)

    1. Thank you!! I have purchased from many many sites Canadian and otherwise but shipping costs have pushed me to Amazon over and again. The markup on products can be so high and I have saved so much. I used to purchase books and toys from but even with free shipping it was still way more expensive and such a reduced selection. Lately I have been getting amazing deals on used books from Amazon as well. I do live very close to travel across the border to pick up shipments and have saved huge amounts of money doing things this way. I have purchased nearly all of our traditional Montessori materials from Kidadvance and a few from Montessori Outlet. I have made purchases from IFIT, Adena and a couple of others. I have received quality merchandise and service from all of them. I have had very few issues. Our manuals are shipped cross border also because the weight of the shipment is just way to expensive to ship here. I worked very hard in the beginning to find good Canadian options and have found lots of great deals on quality toys from Winner's and a few local shops. I think sometimes it depends on what you are looking for and the time you have to source. I am short on time and need to get the best value for our money and I can satisfy the majority of our needs from Amazon. I found it hard to make the jump to basically solely purchasing our materials online but it just evolved into the best option for us. There is a Montessori supplier in Toronto but they are very expensive and were not even an option. I wish I had more to share that would be of help to you. There may be others who have had different experiences finding great affordable Canadian options.
      I paid your blog a visit!! I will look forward to reading your updates:) Best of luck!!

  2. Hi
    I am also in Canada and really love your blog. Can you please let me know where you purchased your Montessori albums from? Shipping from works out more than the manual itself.

  3. We purchased all of our albums from Montessori Research and Development but we did have them shipped to a receiver like the UPS Store just across the border and we picked them up. It was far to expensive (for us)to ship them here. Their manuals are amazing. I wish it were more cost effective to ship here but at the moment it is not :(


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