Starting Montessori

Here is a list of some of my favourite links to information and resources, I found very helpful when I was starting out.

There videos are sadly not available to be viewed now.  I will include the links in any case in hope they resurface.
Our Manuals
We are using the Early Childhood and Elementary 1&2 Sets

Ultimate Montessori Homemade Materials Collaboration lot's of diy material making ideas

This is an incredible source for Montessori Elementary Math Videos on Youtube by Eric Johnson I truly hope these videos continue to be made available for the Montessori home school community.



  1. Thank you for the list of references

    1. You are most welcome!! I hope some of it may be helpful:)

  2. Thank you for sharing. In fact, thank you for sharing all these woderful ideas, resources, informations, tips etc. with us.
    I live in Greece (arrived here 7 years ago from Romania) with my husband and my 3,5 daughter who is attending a nice daycare. I recently discovered Maria Montessori's books and found them fascinating (among others, I have a kindergarten teacher diploma). The last 2 or 3 weeks it seems that I am captivated with all this DIY adventure. I am not good at crafts, sewing and other similar activities, but I am trying to do my best with the materials I can find and afford.
    Fortunately, I found a lot of blogs and sites which prooved to be very useful for my "projects". My girl responded very good to my invitation of playing these new... games. She has a very good memory and she is a communicative person. She likes stories and, from what I can tell, she has an ear for music.
    I am not an organized person and my only regret is that I don't offer her more information, more games. Of course, I deeply respect her childhood and her wright to play. But then I just enter to some blogs just like yours and feel overwhelmed. Where do you find the time and energy to do aaaaallll those things?!
    I just discovered your blog and did not enter on your others (I will), but your story mooved me so much! I am 33 years old but my life experience is so poor compared to your first 30 years. I was a little shocked by what I have read, but the happy end was so inspiring! Well, I can't find the wright words and I am sure that you have already heard or read similar considerations. So I will just express my admiration for what I discovered here and for your generously decision to share all this.
    Very nice pics of your children. Because he is older, Xander usually seems very concentrated and captivated by his activities. They are both adorable. Congratulations!
    Best regards.

    1. Thank you for writing to me <3
      Thank you for reading my/our story. It’s an old saying but so true… So often books are judged by their cover, but there is so much more beneath. I have been blogging for a while now and I know it looks like a lot, but everything you see has taken place over a long period. The resources we have are things we’ve collected, made, and been given as gifts for many years.
      I felt the same when we started, and so overwhelmed. I still do!!
      I have made many mistakes and worn myself out at times. I go through bursts of making materials, but have learned to try and pace it out a little more.
      The last year plus has been more difficult than any challenge I have faced with Ava’s diagnosis with UCD, but it has also led to greater understanding, and we are trying to keep moving forward.
      The sharing that is going on in the home school community is incredible. There are so many more pintables and different things available now, then when we even started!
      Maria Montessori was such a wise woman! It is a great challenge to incorporate the Montessori curriculum into a home environment, but the philosophy itself… is the perfect place to start. It sounds like you are getting well acquainted with that. Your daughter sounds bright and lovely, and you sound so engaged and caring. I truly wish you the very best. Thank you again for writing your beautiful compliments have really made my day.

  3. Thank you for your effort to share all this wealth of information. Tell me please, have you downloaded those videos that are now not available any more? They seem very valuable and I would really like to watch them. Or maybe you know another website where they are available?
    Thank you again...

    1. Sadly to my knowledge they are still not available. There are many others out there also that do not wish to share the entirety of their collections with the Montessori Homeshool community - even for a fee. There are many of us and the number is growing so maybe they will become available again soon!! Thank you so much for leaving a comment!! I love to hear from others traveling this journey <3


I greatly appreciate your friendly comments and feedback. I love to see what others are making, so please feel free to include a links and share your site with us!!! If you have any questions regarding any of the materials we have made...I'd love to help!!! Thank you for visiting us:)



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