Canadian Government for Kids

We are  part of an amazing home school group with creative active mom planners who put together a great trip and tours of Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Ava joined in the Symbols of Parliament Tour and Xander's group learned about the process of passing of a Bill or law making in Canada.

I'll show you a few pictures of some of the amazing things we were able to see in the main building or center block of Parliament. I also have some great resources to share, that we have used to take a closer look at Canada.

The top of the Peace Tower. This is a beautiful view of the city, and 
you can see the incredible library below.

The Senate Chamber

The Library of Parliament

The Halls of Center Block Parliament

This was an impressive tour! The tour staff were amazing and understanding with/of the children and their inquisitive nature, as were many of the security staff. 

We were very excited to be there, and the children were quite taken with "castle like" nature and architecture of the building.

 I thought I would share a few Canadian Government resources that our kids loved.

I also created a pin board of various Canadian resources.

I purchased this cut out set and it is ok, but really you could print the photos and 
information on your own.

Below is a Canadian Government workbook. I found there was a fair amount of reading in the book that was well done and useful, so this is a book I would recommend. 

We had fun creating a "Popcorn Every Evening & Movie Bill". We designated family members and even our cats a role in our government as we looked at the passing of a Bill.

This is a teachers package that Parliament has available online for free.
There are some resources available online at the Parliament site and a few videos. The videos need to be downloaded and are not the best video quality but still may be useful.

There are several materials in this package that are great. Here is a sample.

Ava using our Puzzle Map of Canada.

In addition to our puzzle maps we worked with a few sets of small cards that I cut out from these printouts and laminated. This also a great website filled with resources!
So the small cards are Province - flags, flowers, trees and Coat of Arms cards. These were info sheets that I cut apart from here. The images are small enough to be placed on the map or control map. You could easily make pin map pieces if you like.
We also laid out our Province 3 part cards and sorted the cards under their province. This was fun and such a great way to practice the names of our provinces.
 I also bought out Canadian Province 3 Part Cards from here and also our Canadian Bodies of Water activity.

We created a Canadian Banner. I did quick pencil drawings of the Canadian Flag, Parliament, the outline of Ontario, and Trillium's (our home province and flower).
Then we painted!

This is a collection of history books that we own, and they are wonderful! 
They contain activities and crafts, and are fun to read. 
Our kids also attend Canadian History classes at a local Museum and we often bring out these books to follow along with the class subjects that are covered.

Thanks for visiting with us!



  1. What a neat experience, and beautiful banner too! I need to start asking you questions about Canada. I am taking my kids on a trip around the Great Lakes and would love to hear any recommendations for places to visit.

    1. Thank you!! We had some great fun with these activities. That sounds like a fun and exciting trip :) You are welcome to email me at


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