Early Bank Game for Place Value Practice

There are a few versions out there of an early Bank Game that is simply used for creating and reading numbers with your Montessori Golden Beads, for early place value practice.                        
 The actual Bank Game is part of Elementary Math long multiplication materials.

This is our version of using our "bank" of Golden Beads to retrieve quantities for our wooden number cards.

This is very simple in concept.
You can create the 45 layout (which we have done and I will show later) to retrieve your beads, or you can choose to leave your beads on trays we have done both. Essentially for us the idea was to practice making and reading the bead quantity for our wooden card values.

This little wooden tray worked perfectly in that when the cards were pushed to the left side of the tray, she was able to do the magic slide easily.  This is hard to do otherwise because her hands are too tiny.
She is choosing a number in large wooden cards (you can use what ever size cards you like).

She separates the cards to see them clearly. You have perhaps seen us do this on our place value mat as well. I like this because it gives her another perspective of the numbers laid out.
She finds the quantities for the cards from her Golden Bead Bank.

Continuing on. She decided to write the numbers she was creating.

Writing her numbers on "bank" slips.

The magic slide.

Skylanders find their way into most of Ava's activities now :) This reminds me so much of Xander with Lego:)

Our favorite early math story book by far is Mr. Base Ten! The kids LOVE this book and I could not recommend it enough. This is a fun intriguing story about the the base ten system and how Mr. Base Ten created place value, math operations fractions and decimals.

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