Place Value with Montessori Golden Beads

Ava has had several Golden Bead presentations at this point. She has been introduced to the base ten system and has completed the 45 layout independently (I will show this later).

I thought I would share some of her place value number practice today. I have a set of cards I've prepared with color coded numbers ranging from 2 to 4 digits. I started out by giving her 2 digit cards and she chose the numbers that she wanted to create.

Above she has picked a printed number card to create. She found the number cards/parts (she is using the large wooden number cards for this but you can use what ever you like) to create the number. Xander did this as well.  Later he did not make the number with wooden cards, but simply made the number in beads.
Creating the number with wooden/print/written cards helps her to break up and visually see the place value and number she is creating. She can also label her columns.

                                  Ava loved assembling her cards and doing the magic slide!
This a simple fun thing to do with your number cards. You layer you cards to the far left side and slide each number to the right into place.

Just like that!

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  1. I always love visiting your blog and seeing the activities you and the beautiful Miss Ava get up to. I have a really hideous set of golden bead materials... I need to figure out if I'm replacing it ASAP.

    1. Thank you Jennifer!! You do such amazing work I appreciate your stopping by <3

  2. I love the magic slide, it's really cool! I'm heading to your DIY Place Value Mats post now!

    1. Yes! My guys LOVE it :) Awesome thank you and let me know it you make one!!


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