Snow Painting

This is such a fun colourful activity to play around with in the snow. We have tried this before but a beautiful friend recently posted pictures of her daycare snow painting, and we were so inspired to try it again!

Ideally this works best if the snow has an ice layer or is packed down a bit, but Ava really wanted to work out a way to do this with our newly fallen fluffy snow. Here's what we did to make it work!

We used liquid tempera paints, and mixed them with a good amount of water. 
These containers are Melissa & Doug that we found on amazon a few years back.

Any container though will work well. 
We liked these because they come with a lid making them quite easy to shake. 
Mason jars would be great as well. 

Because the snow was fluffy we decided to try droppers. These dropper are from an old science chemistry kit and worked perfectly. 

We also have purchased these droppers from amazon that we keep in our porta science kit.

If the snow has a great crusty layer then brushes and sponges work really well!

We also tried using a sprayer for the paint that we picked up at the dollar store! This is super fun as well especially in fluffy snow!!

Our snow painting fun ended off with some time on the swings.

I hope you are all enjoying your 
winter outdoor fun!



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