Arts & Crafts Storage for Kids

Our storage changes with our needs and interests quite regularly. I thought I would share our latest evolution in arts and crafts storage, as well board games and a few other things that share this space.

Arts & crafting items have always been extremely important to have easily and readily accessible to our children.

We started building our craft collection when the kids were around two and a half with a large low partitioned drawer in the kitchen that housed all kinds of crafty goodies. It was around this age that my guys were not eating materials  (sounds funny now) and were wanting to experiment of their own creating. However while the drawer was always accessible for their self directed use, I was always creating along side them. I modelled clean-up and over time the space stayed fairly tidy and organized.

This system evolved with the kids and more things were added as their interests changed. I also added in lots of holiday themed goodies throughout the year, as I do now.

We built a family room a year ago, and we were able to re-purpose this coat cupboard in our laundry room to house many things for us. This cupboard is right outside our family room door where we have a table, chairs and plenty of open floor space for crafting.
So lets take a look to see what's here.

The arts and crafts supplies are on the bottom, so they can easily be accessed. This is a deep cupboard so we can fit a ton in here. We also raised the door frame height and built doors to we could easily take advantage of the full height for storage. The top couple of shelves hold science kits, things we rotate, and other materials we are not using at the moment. Also it holds our microscope and materials, printer and  papers as well other office type supplies.
I am showing this to you as we actually keep, and use it.

We used 24" deep wire shelving so that we could see what was on the higher shelves and to allow light to filter.

The doors are hinged to the front of the door frame, so there is a good amount of space for using the backs of the doors for storage as well.
Our games are nice and low for the kids to pick what they like.

So... what exactly is in here? We have the kinds of things at the moment that our children (mainly Ava now) are interested in and like to use. Your supplies may look very different depending on what your child likes to craft with. We also have a stash of recyclables and paper plates.

Just click on the image to get a larger view. The smaller bins and larger flat style with locking handles, are from Walmart. The clears bins holding the paint and such, are shoe bins from Home Depot. The white bucket holding books and construction paper is from the dollar store.

The door hanging cups are from ikea. The rails are $2.99 and the cups are .99 cents. The clear paper holders are from Staples. There are two on the door below. The one you can see is holding white papers (reg weight and card) and tissue paper. Above is holding various colours of card stock, printer labels and printable transfer sheets. I also have some letter stickers here.

There are three paper bins on this door. One holding tracing paper and sketch pads.
One hold scrap books papers and also a small IKEA spice rack holding origami books and small papers.

These cups are so fun and are filled with all kinds of goodies that you should be able to see fairly clearly.

We do have another location for hand craft and sewing materials, as well as seasonal crafty stuff.
 It's tough to fit it all in, but we try our best!

This cupboard gets a ton of use! 

Thanks for taking the tour. 
Happy Crafting!!



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