Creating Art with Kids & Re-purposing old art

I wanted to share a fun art project that I created with Miss Ava. This experience was amazing for many reasons, but to start we were able to re-purpose a piece of art including the frame.

This was a giclee print and in this case, was like a sheet of moulded plastic that was adhered to a traditional canvas. I bought this at Ikea many years ago and really wanted to reuse it by creating a new painting. I knew we were going to be using a large amount of thick paint, so I was prepared to paint over the existing image it needed.
However when I removed the canvas from the frame - much to my surprise the edges separated quite easily from the canvas. I decided to give peeling a try, and this was the result.

So here we are left with literally a blank canvas!

I started squeezing paint out onto the canvas, as did Ava.
We each chose our own colours to spread. We have created smaller art this way, but this was our largest project thus far. 

I will tell you that creating art this way with your child is an amazing practice in letting go. To let the creative experimentation process happen.
The project was going to be... what it was going to be, and that is a beautiful thing!

Next we used palette knives to blend the paint.
We worked together, but without direction or instruction.
 This was a beautiful colour mixing and blending experience. 

Ava chose a large brush, and created swirls in the paint. I loved this and followed her lead. 

After this point her interest diminished and she wanted to move along to other play, so I continued and added in some trees.

Our Creation!!
We love the colour, movement and vibrancy. 
Happy Painting!!



  1. Wow! What an amazing piece of artwork and a great way to upcycle! Love it...great job!

    1. Thank you so much!!! We had great fun with this one and it was really fun to re-use such a large piece! Thanks again :)


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