Montessori Hundreds Board

We have been busy with summer activities and outdoor fun but I wanted to share some fun Ava had with the Montessori Hundreds Board.

Xander worked with and completed the board at around five years of age. Ava while loving and well versed in numbers, took interest in the board a few months ago. Many introduce the board quite early and as with all things Montessori, that depends on your child and their level of interest at home. Neither of my children chose to spend a great deal of time with the board after completion, even given the initial intrigue. If I were to do it over again (for us), a printed version would have been great!! We separated our number families into little apple sauce cups.

 For her, it was about solving a puzzle and the process of finding and laying out the tiles.  Similar to Xander she experienced the visual pattern of the base 10 system in another form, and this was fun as well!

 It is fun and amazing to watch how the kids interact with materials differently for their own purpose.

We use simple rugs that you can find at Ikea for 3.99, you can use what ever you have. There is sometimes great debate about rugs, but the rug for us at home is less important than what happens on it. It is entirely your choice. Highly patterned rugs can make it difficult to see or mask the pieces as opposed to a simple pattern above. Do what works for you!

The printable Hundreds Board can be found in many places ranging from free to every reasonably priced. You can make a wooden version quite easily with printed tiles or wooden tiles you can find at the craft store. Our board is from here.

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