Addition - Montessori Teen Hanging Bead Frame

Ava loves the Hanging Bead Stair Frames. She worked with them initially for early number recognition, and linear counting practice.

For those who may not be familiar with these frames - there are two hanging bead frames. The first is a frame with hooks for hanging one bead stair set from 1 - 9. Once Ava was comfortably placing and labeling the 1-9 stair, I introduced the Teens Frame. The Teens Frame features numbers 11-19.

There are many direct and indirect skills that are developed when using the Hanging Bead Frames. The obvious would be linear counting. There is also a very important fine motor aspect in that it takes practice to hook the tiny eyelets of the beads on the hooks. This in turn develops patience and attention for more focused work.

Ava continues to choose the Frames so I thought we would use the teen version for some addition practice.

This work is perfect for Ava because she is very interested in procedure (and to her liking), the more the better! We are using our Number Box (number cutouts) and also our Numbers & Signs Box (box of number tiles and math symbols). There are tons of options for numbers from magnetic to printables.

The addition with symbols happened (in this case) when she was removing the beads.
 She laid out a stationary   + 10 =   and added the beads and symbols for each equation. 
Above she is laying out the numbers, removing the beads and finding the answer tile.
You could also lay out the beads first and label them. This was her choice. 

She decided at this point to go back and record her work. 

How did I know she was finished with this work... she began to draw an awesome picture on the page!

As I mentioned there are many options available for DIY materials, but here are a couple of affordable things we have created that may be of interest to you?

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