Kids, Cameras & Museums

We visit many museums and on this visit both kids were equipped with their own camera! They have used our cameras when we are out to take many photos, but this was their own special time to document from start to finish.

The drive to the museum was amazing! It was incredible to watch their enthusiasm and attention to detail and architecture, as we meandered through the city. 
This was their story to document they way they wanted, and it was just perfect.

Xander's focus was definitely on animals.

Ava spent a great deal of time in the Fossil Gallery chatting and narrating fantastic stories about how the dinosaurs got to this museum.

This museum has a few really fun hands on play/explore areas that we always prepare to spend a great deal of time in. This is such a great opportunity for the kids to interact with new materials and faces. Generally there are several other kids playing in these areas, and it is interesting and fun to watch them work together and create and act out impromptu story lines.

A sample of Xander's images

A few of Ava's images

Cheers to museum exploration!

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Thanks for visiting with us!



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