Montessori Puzzle Map Storage Idea

Montessori Puzzle Maps are amazing, but can be a challenge to store at home. You can purchase stands to hold them but they can get expensive and take up a fair amount of space that you may just not have!

We had originally built a small unit to house them but it wasn't terribly practical.

 In recent months we built a family room off the back of our house. When I say "we built" that is exactly what I mean we built it ourselves with the help of family, neighbors and friends. This was such an incredible experience, but the best part was we could pay attention to all the small details we really wanted and build our own vision.

Our entire Montessori collection of Materials was relocated. I will share more about this later, but this is the room we spend the majority of our time in now. This is a bright space that houses many functions for us as a family.

However, just because we found more space did not mean we didn't have to be smart in coming up with great economical space saving solutions. This one was all of the above for us.

This is our new solution.

This is a book rack and you can find them at any discount retailer and often on sale as ours was.
This rack fits the puzzle perfectly in width and the puzzles extend above but not enough that it is any issue in remaining upright. 
This is one option.
Ours is the 28" wide shelf.

The bank of wicker drawers to the side contain various things but the end basket contains large bags labeled with the pieces for each puzzle. They also contain the puzzle label jars. 

The control maps are at the top. We are housing 10 puzzle maps in total right now in this small unit.
 It is easy to move and completely out of the way!

We are absolutely loving this and I wanted to share it with you!
These are the puzzle maps we currently own.

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  1. Really cool map storage! It is lovely! I definitely want it! Thanks for sharing! Greets, Storage Leamouth Ltd.


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