Visiting Ancient Greece

I am always on the look out to try and create great times lines with out spending the hefty dollars that go with them. This was an incredible find!

This was all sparked from reading about Euclid during some Geometry exploration.
This is the book I found on amazon that had a fantastic timeline ready to go in the book! I found two of these books actually on amazon.

I decided to take out the time line for working on the floor, and to use the pages to make cards to isolate images and facts for matching to the timeline.
I backed each section with a different color/pattern of scrap book paper as a visual aid and to help with organization. 

I laminated everything. There is an introduction Ancient World at the beginning that I created cards with as well. 
We kept the second book to have the complete record.

What all were we doing? 
Checking out the timeline...

Watching documentaries about Ancient Greece and this series was one of our favorites.

Reading a few great books...

This is also a fantastic site for timelines!

During this time Ava was checking out books and matching pictures to the timeline. We were chatting with her about the Parthenon and she checked out our miniature Parthenon from our landmarks toob.
We have some crafts to come for but mainly Xander was interested this round in reading and watching documentaries and talking it all out with us.

Thank you for visiting with us!



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