Reading & Sentence Analysis, Montessori Language At Home, Grammar Review and FREE Charts

Sharing some of our Sentence Structure work with you today and FREE Sentence & Reading Analysis materials!

The Montessori materials used for this work look pretty impressive but are really quite simple and helped my child to isolate concepts (as with all Montessori materials) in order to gain a clear understanding of the components and words of a sentence and their relationship to one another.

We started this language work with good review of Grammar. This is a power point presentation that I created for the kids some time ago that goes through the parts of speech that they can read through in addition to other hands on grammar activities. You can visit out early grammar posts using our search box on the right side bar - search "grammar" for a list.

Ava was working along side brother making grammar booklets.  She is having fun with writing practice (that she loves) making the symbols and working with the three part cards. Eventually we will introduce the early activities.

We are using the Montessori Research and Development Manual - Elementary Language Arts Volume 2  if you visit their site you can read about the lessons offered for this work in their manual. The book is very detailed and all of the activities can be written by hand and many are written by your child. I/we found the lessons fun and easy to follow. 

There is a sequence of lessons offered but in following your child you can determine where they need to go with this work. This was fun and very hands on. Xander wrote and made up the majority of his sentences and words himself making this a funny and at times quite silly experience.

For some more abstract work we followed up with some work from Scholastic Grammar. This is a great book because it complemented our work above beautifully and offered some great practice.

Montessori Research & Development offers a fantastic Set of Elementary Manuals if you are interested in using it as a curriculum in whole or part - in addition to introducing the philosophy into your home school. 

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  1. Oh Cherine! These are wonderful! :) Thank you so much for such a great printable and sharing it! :)

    1. You are so welcome Amy!! I hope you can make good use of them <3

  2. Cherine, will order this book (Grade 1 and 2) for my 6 yrs old :D Will not pursue First language lesson for the meantime as I find it repetitive and lacks activities for independent work.Thank you for this!

    1. Awesome!! I love that you follow your instincts and do what works for you!! <3


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