Marker Making & Colour Mixing Kit, Experimenting & Colour Mixing With Kids At Home

I don't buy a ton of kits, but I have to say that this one is amazing and FAR exceeded our expectations!
Off the hop I will state that we purchased this kit for Ava and were not endorsed to post about it but the links to the kits are affil.

Why do I LOVE this kit??
I love this kit because it is completely hands on start to finish! This kit is almost like a crazy fun colour mixing science kit with an amazing quality usable product that your child can fully make use of and enjoy in end.

The kit includes all of the components needed to produce markers start to finish!


The kit is filled with skill building learning opportunities, and new vocabulary! 
She is choosing a colour from the chart - this is an opportunity to talk about the chart itself, and the function of charts. 
We chatted about proportions and parts. 
The kit comes with two beakers for mixing colours so there is the direct colour mixing aspect of the activity. 
Also the counting and measurement of the liquid drops. 
There is a direct motor/muscle control component in placing the liquid into the beakers, tweezing of the sponges into the marker cartridges, placing the tips, and using the lever function to snap the end caps in place. 
We chatted about pressure and levers... absorption etc.

The kit is valuable also for experiencing process first hand. 
The other thing that I loved was that after she had made several colours on the chart she started to experiment in making her own, and this was the true value of the kit!

You can choose from a variety of tips.

Ava is having a fantastic time with the markers and new colours SHE has made!
This is so fantastic I wanted to share it!

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