Decanomial Bead Box, Montessori Multiplication At Home

The Decanomial Boxes are so beautiful and interesting to work with. This is a day that I thought would be fun to share with you. The kids built the complete multiplication tables with the Decanomial Bead Box and the geometric form/tile box. 

Initially, for Ava this was the most beautiful puzzle.
These are the two boxes available for purchase. I will say that in our experience the bead box has been a wonderful thing for us to have, and while the tile box is nice I would not purchase it again, but use a print version to save money. A print version is included with our decanomial package though you can easily make one yourself.

Sadly the pieces are quite fragile :(

 They did this work on our living room carpet because it is so large. I have also seen it done on tables, so I think really it is up to you and your children.  We used our own printables for control and labels this time.

The kids worked alongside each other building their versions of the decanomial - multiplication tables layout from 1-10. This work is incredibly powerful and engaging. It a completely visual and physical representation of the tables. There are tons of lessons for this material and I have pinned many videos for reference that you can check out below.

Their completed work.

Many more connections were made for Ava when they combined their work. 
She laid in the squares of numbers to start.

This was a BIG job but they were determined! Ava was extremely interested and fascinated that the tiles actually had a relation to the beads in terms of quantity. This was quite an exercise in concentration and accuracy - as is the goal of most Montessori activities/lessons.

Xander cut out the labels for each and labeled the entire table.

This was a fun side note. Xander further explained squares of numbers to Ava using random bead chains.

They had fun making the cube as well. No formality here just pure fun and exploration!!

There is a huge amount of fantastic work out there being shared by homeschoolers working with these materials. and I have pinned many things here.

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