Montessori Multiplication Tables Work

 I thought I would share some of the multiplication tables work we have done and the materials we used. We are using the Montessori Research and Development Early Mathematics Manual. We completed all of the presentations, but as with most of our Montessori work we made it ours and adapted the work to suit our children. You can choose to do what works for you in your home environment.

We worked with the Multiplication Bead Board very early on to explore the concept of multiplication, and we have also followed this up with Ava (further below). 

We used random booklets mainly because Xander discovered the pattern very quickly and just wrote in all of the answers in on the sequential pages. While this still does have benefit it was not of interest to him (though it may be for your child), but he did enjoy the random fact practice so we just moved on. Now that being said Ava is very interested in using the booklets this way.

We used our multiplication fact tiles/box a ton! We separated out our equation tiles and answers into small clear plastic bags for easy picking. We did use Multiplication Charts - but sparingly. We went through the presentations, but used them for little else. He found the finger chart interesting and he often used it as a fun additional step for checking his work. He did use the Multiplication Charts app here for practice. We have since created our own Charts but the charts used at this time in these photos are an amazing set from here.

I would have to say that hands down over all else Xander enjoyed using our decanomial bead box for laying out tables.

 Here he is laying out the fourth table and recording his work.

 Laying our the fifth table.


 Xander really loved laying out the decanomial bead presentation of the tables. He is using our printables for control.

He also worked on Formats for Multiplication and Word problems. We used our own printables for this work.

Our work continues with our Bead Cabinet, Decanomial Box, Pythagoras Board, and Multiplication Snake Game.  I will share some of this work very soon!

If you haven't had a chance to check out our Multiplication Tables Printable Package you can find it here!

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