The Most Amazing Math Story Books for Kids

I thought I would share our favorite Math Story Book collection with you all! These books have been an amazing addition to our hands on work with math. In keeping with our Montessori activities these books isolate and demonstrate math concepts in a real world context.
They are imaginative and fun, and inspire all kinds of experimentation and activities to follow up with.

I will share a few things we have done along the way!!

I really want to share Mr Base Ten! This is such a fun book that introduces children to the base ten system. This was one of Xander's favourites and is now reading it to Ava. Through the story line the book demonstrates place value to 1000, and introduces the concepts of carrying, borrowing/regrouping numbers, as well as fractions and decimals. There are fun activities at the end of each chapter. I have included a free printable that I am using with Ava, that you are welcome to try.

Mr. Base Ten Invents Mathematics

Sir Cumference and All the King's Tens is another wonderful story introducing  place value to the thousands.
Sir Cumference and All the King's Tens: A Math Adventure

I did a post a while back about this wonderful book that inspired some creative bedtime learning for us, but who knows where it will take you!
Visit this post here to check it out! It is amazing how adaptable Montessori materials are 😃

Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland (A Math Adventure)

Another great book for learning about angles, and the Pythagorean Theorem.

What's Your Angle, Pythagoras?

This book inspired some fun mapping and folding 3 dimensional geometric solids, using our Geometric Solids Box.

Here are a few others we have that are fantastic fun geometry inspired stories that we loved!

Mummy Math: An Adventure in Geometry

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi was one of Xander's favourites. This adventure leads your child to an understanding of the formula of Pi - calculating the circumference of a circle, as does the following book Sir Cumference and the First Round Table.

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi (A Math Adventure)

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table (A Math Adventure)

This is a really cute book that helps us to understand the formula to calculate the area of a circle.
Again we will be revisiting this book!!

Another great one is The Librarian Who Measured the Earth. A story about the great Greek Mathematician Eratosthenes who was the first to calculate the circumference of the earth over two thousand years ago with astounding accuracy! Xander was very taken with this story.
This sparked another reading of The Story of Clocks and Calendars - I didn't photograph this one but here it is below. We used it during our Story of Numbers Great Lesson, and speaking of that this is the main book we read for this lesson - The History of Counting.

This is another really cute short story about imperial measurement that we really liked.

This is an amazing book about Mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci and the sequence of numbers he discovered that existed in nature, especially spirals like pine cones, flower petals and shells. There are some fun activities in the back of the book for children to explore, and make these discoveries and connections for them selves.
This is a book we will revisit again soon and share some of our fun with it. Xander really loved this book, and we found lots of fun and interesting things online as well!!

Euclid (said to be the founding father of geometry) a fantastic book that is like a reader in style. It features a history of Ancient Greece and Mathematics and many great mathematicians including Archimedes his most famous student.
Which brings me to another of our favourites!!

Then takes you though the life and work of Euclid.
This book is amazing and another that Xander will read again, because it just covers so much history and information for us to explore!

Euclid: The Great Geometer (The Library of Greek Philosophers)

The Montessori Geometry materials are amazing, and are so adaptable to use with books and other materials. We will be working with these materials a lot this year and will share our fun with you. Here are some of the materials we own and other I think are awesome!!

This is an interesting one about the use of a map in the story to help understand geometric coordinates and plotting positive and negative numbers. So this is a great pre-algebra story.

The following are great books for understanding multiplication and division including fractions.

These are all amazing books and there are countless others. I wanted to share the ones we have and a little bit about what they cover. Many of these books are used in Living Math. I love the stories and clever content in these books, and Xander really enjoyed them!! As I said these books will be revisited over and again. They are fun to read and do such an amazing job, of helping children practically understand these mathematical concepts!!

Please comment and share your thoughts on these books or others that you feel are a must read!!
We have an extensive collection of Montessori Mathematics Printables, so if you haven't checked them out please do!

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  1. Pinning this!!! Thank you!!!! I see some that we are definitely going to have to check out! :D

    1. Thanks for stopping by Stacy and thanks for pinning :)

  2. I never would have thought to look for math story books! Such a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading some of these with my own children! :)


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