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Miss Ava has been a very busy lady these days.  
I have been working hard to keep up with her.  Here are a few things we have been doing for simple  patterning and sorting.

Ava is a builder so here is another Lego activity we have been doing.  I create lines of patterns for her to recreate.  I did also make some pattern cards above.  

This such a fantastic patterning game.

Ava loves bugs so these cards have been super fun for her. The bugs come in a tub and are so great for math activities as well.

These bugs were such a favourite of Xander's as well. I bought the bugs and activity cards from 

I found these amazing wooden cutouts at a craft sale and they have been so much fun to create activities with.

She is sorting and patterning and even building with them.
I sometimes lay out a pattern for her, she places the matching pattern either on top or below.  You can also create pattern cards for these by simply tracing the pieces.

This is from our basic Gears set.

  We started with one design plate as shown above with just a few gears.  She creates the pattern and takes the crank to activate her gears.  This one really is great fun!

Both of my children love pattern tiles.

  There are so many amazing free printable templates for these available everywhere online.
I love all the holiday themed cards.  

This is an amazing Melissa & Doug set

 I bought this one from  This set is wonderful.  Right now she is creating basic patterns by colour, and also sorting by colour as you can see below. To up the degree of difficulty you can sort by shape pattern and colour.

Such fun!

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  1. I absolutly love your patterning ideas. Never thought of using lego bloks. It's so simple and genius. Thank you for the inspiration.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment:))
      I entered!!!! Such an amazing opportunity, that you so much for sharing it and for sharing your blog!!!!!


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