Introducing Adjectives, Montessori Grammar & Language At Home

Xander is working with the Adjective Object Box above. To read about and see these boxes I highly recommend checking out Montessori for Everyone.

Before we started the box work we played an Adjective game.  
There are many different activities to introduce grammar and we chose this one.  

I would basically ask Xander to bring me something specific from the room like a book,   
"Can you bring me a book."  Upon retrieval I would say... "I didn't ask for a blue book, can you bring me a book!" Then he would hunt for another book. This didn't carry on for long before he was asking "What kind of book !?"  

We are using the Object Boxes and the Grammar Farm for our initial work with Grammar.

He is putting together phrases with articles,  adjectives, nouns, and then writing a couple of examples in his journal.

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  1. Kal-El will love seeing this! He will be starting grammar soon (I have been dragging my feet...figured I'd rely on that imaginary overlap, LOL!). He loves to see what Xander is doing and what Bunny (over at Discovery Days) because he knows they are the same age, have the same "stuff", and Mommies with like minds :) He sees me on the computer and asks, "What is Xander doing?" Poor little homeschooled kid, he keeps asking me to invite Xander for a playdate. I've told him "I know! I want a Mommy-date too but I think they live in Canada."

    1. That is sooo cute!!!
      Yes we are in Ontario, Canada...not a hop skip away – I am assuming you are in the US. I love showing Xander what the other "Montessori kids" are up to. He is so interested to see other kids with "our activities!!" also. I love finding video of kids working for him to watch...he just loves it!! I have not met any home schoolers around, or near us that do Montessori - not that it's just nice to share it with someone. I was so thrilled (and overwhelmed) at times when I found this online community. There are few Montessori schools where we are and certainly none within a short driving distance ...and...none (where we are) that go above 3-6. Montessori seems to be a very well kept secret around here. I started this blog mainly for the kids, but I have loved this connection with so many other moms just like you and me. I am also overwhelmed by the amount of sharing of materials and ideas…it’s so amazing and supportive. Your blog was one of the first Montessori I found when we started -I just loved what you were doing, and the name of course:))

  2.'s kind of a big hop, but not so much a skip... it really depends on which part of Ontario :) (No, don't tell me.) Thanks for the super kind words! Overwhelming, I know just what you mean. That blog list in my sidebar is getting out of control. I'm going to have to rely on people to ask to be on the list more and more as I am losing interest in scouting around in the infant/primary blogs.

    I'm glad you like the name :) I sometimes wonder about that choice...


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