The Story of Geometry & Geometry Cabinet, Montessori Geometry Resources At Home

Geometry materials are a main staple in our early sensorial work and exploration.  Montessori for Everyone has a wonderful early lesson called The Story of Geometry - exploring the beginnings of geometry in Ancient Egypt. Xander loved this lesson!
We set our scene and lesson with our Land & Water Form Mat, to make your own check here.  We used our mat to visualize the flooding river and farm fields.  We knotted rope to lay out the area of our farm fields.
We talked about angles and shapes. We used our rope to measure out a few larger objects in the room.   This is a wonderful simple and powerful lesson.

Xander drew a picture of the story, and gave the lesson to daddy. 

This is the Blue Triangle Box.  A great blog post with lessons and extensions for this box can be found here.  This box in one in the series of Constructive Triangle Boxes to make them check my post here.

This is the Geometry Cabinet. It is actually a set of 5 drawers with a tray on top. Your child can pull out a tray and place it on top to work should they choose or of course on a table or rug.

Xander is exploring triangles from our Geometry Cabinet here. This is a great site for Geometry Cabinet lessons and also here. Geometry Cabinet 3 part cards can be purchased here along with many others great resources.  These are very early introductory lesson videos for the cabinet here and here.

Ava was also completely intrigued by the cabinet. 

Ava is using the cabinet cards to match the insets.
There are many lessons for this cabinet but for our purpose here it was fun and mostly sensorial. 
A very young child can use the insets in a series of puzzles. These insets have the classic knob on the pieces to help refine the pincer grasp needed to hold a pencil. This is an indirect feature to help prepare your child for writing.

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  1. This is great!

    I love the first pic of him... a picture truly is worth a thousand words.


  2. Wonderful works! I will be starting a geometry unit with my children soon. I hope they take to the story as well as Xander did. Thank you for sharing.
    Discovering Montessori

  3. What a great resource this post is! Almost all of your posts are! I am right now preparing our geometry area and I am so glad you gave the links on this post!

    1. Thank you so much!!!!!!
      Here is a recent post with more Geometry work, and links as well:))


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