Letter Sound Help, Speech Resources At Home

There are incredible speech resources available online to help your child with letter sound work.
We had a couple of sounds that needed a little extra attention "w" and "r" so we purchased this wonderful fun gadget to see how it worked.

The Toobaloo is designed to help reading and pronunciation of sounds.  When the child speaks into it softly (regular tone), it very clearly amplifies their voice. They can hear exactly how they are forming sounds. This tool is also used by Speech Therapists.

We also experienced a period where Xander almost lost complete fluent speech after eye surgery when he was 3 and a half. It was scary and quite extreme, so we were referred to speech therapy. The method that was used was not effective, and we sought additional assessment and help. This was an amazing decision, and we were pointed in a very different direction. *Update* His dis fluency or stuttering as most refer to it, has all but resolved as he has grown. I am so grateful for the advice and resources that we could employ as a family at home.

We do lots of different things with it especially game play. Here he is reading sight words and doing a little Blue Series reading.  

This is really a lot of fun!!

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  1. awesome! I will definately pick that up for my third child :)

  2. Where can I but a toobaloo

    1. I just included a link to one above now, but you may be able to purchase one at a local teachers supply. Very cool little device:)


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