Where to buy Montessori Materials...I live in Canada...help!!!

Well that was me in the beginning.  Coming from a tiny place in Ontario Canada, I had a bit of a time building my confidence to make more expensive purchases from the US.  Here are some places I have purchased from and had amazing luck and service...
My favorite for all round quality, service and great prices especially reasonable shipping was from
Kid Advance in the US.  Now we also have things shipped to Ogdensburg to save shipping costs since these types of materials are duty free.  It's a short trip over for pickup, and can save so much on shipping.
Alison's Montessori was really reliable and has some great prices.  IFIT Montessori Equipment is amazing and has incredible customer service - I think they are in BC.  The Montessori Outlet Canada has great prices as well.  I do also really like Adena Montessori they have given me such great service, and the product has been wonderful.  I have ordered from Caliber, and that was good - got a great clearance puzzle map that was awesome.  Grandpa's Montessori was great for some things.  There is also a company in Toronto called Affordable Montessori, and I am actually ordering math equation boxes from them because they have a great price on them and shipping - they are also very nice.  Basically (not to sound a bit obsessed but...) I keep a spreadsheet of what I want and need and a list of my fav suppliers across the top, list out their prices and go from there.  Dollar stores are always a fav as well all hardware and building supply stores.
Happy shopping!!!

Just another quick addition...I am about to start getting our continent boxes together, and will be ordering some really great cultural resources from Montessori N' Such.  I am very impressed with the prices and selection.  I also love the continent package from Montessori for Everyone (printables - they are so awesome).   So that's it for now...:))



  1. Good idea to keep a spreadsheet! You may also want to try Young Minds At Play (www.youngmindsatplay.com). They ship to Canada and have really nice things - they are out of the US and make everything in the US as well.

  2. Does anyone know where you can buy them cheaply in Toronto in person?

    1. Oh boy... The only one I know of is... http://www.affordmontessori.com/about.asp
      they have a few things that seem reasonable, but most materials are far more affordable from Montessori Outlet or Kid Avdance. It would be nice though :(

  3. Commenting from Ontario! Thanks for the vouch on IFIT, I am planning on placing a large order soon and was a bit nervous...
    I've really enjoyed perusing your site :) Definitely sending some traffic over here.
    Do you pick up in Pt Huron? There's a few items IFIT doesn't have and I'm not too eager to pay ridiculous Canadian shipping...

  4. Thank you:)
    You can pickup at any cross border receiver. We are near Ottawa so there are several options for us here.
    I have had great luck so far doing this!! I hope all works out well for you:))

  5. I really like IFIT. I've had some problems with Afford montessori sending the wrong materials and not packaged well so got damaged.

    1. It's great to hear what we experience from different companies! That's sad I do hope they gave you good customer service. Thanks for sharing with us!!


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