Montessori Felt Vowel Tree DIY with Free Template & Vowel Practice Free Printable

Xander loved this simple little DIY felt vowel tree. We made our vowel tree out of felt that can be found at any dollar or craft store. Our vowel tree is stored in pieces so that we can have fun assembling it, and then adding our moveable alphabet letters.  The tree is a coconut tree similar to the one in the book 
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  

I have included a free download of a simple black line template to use for felt (or to colour) and also a colour version that you could laminate. This is printed on legal size paper.

Xander loves this book so I thought it would be a hit and indeed it was!  This is a simple and fun way to practice short vowels sounds. We had a selection of Pink Series image cards to choose from, and he found the beginning and ending sounds labelling them with letters from our moveable alphabet. He moved the letters down the vowel in the tree to make funny words until he found the sound that made sense.
After he finished a word he placed the letters in the tree top for fun.  

He insisted I cut out islands, water and a couple rectangles for hotels 😃  He usually picks a series of pictures to spell on the tree (or objects if you have them).

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