Color Boxes 1 &2 and Color Matching game

These were quite easy to do.  I cut the wood squares out of lattice moulding and sanded the edges really well.  I picked doubles of paint chips from the store, and used wood glue to adhere the chips to the wood.  I put the chips between two pieces of wood and clamped them together to make sure they stuck evenly to the wood.  When they were dry I placed them color side down, and trimmed them with a very sharp exacto knife.
The colour matching game was inspired by one that they sell on most Montessori sites.  I took plywood pieces and cut them to length, and then wood glued paint chip strips (tried to find extra wide ones so that I could cut away any writing) to them.  

I clamped and trimmed these the same way as above.  I next cut large dowels into short lengths, and sanded.  I took the leftover pieces of paint chips and glued them to the tops of the dowels – clamped them between wood and trimmed after dry.  I do really like how this turned out.  The backs are numbered for self-correction.

We had intended to create holes in the cards to seat the dowels, but did not. If I were to make this again I would use wooden disks, and adhere the paint chips to them. 
I did decide to purchase colour box three, and it is so gorgeous!!  Making box 3 would have put me over the edge lol.

These boxes have been so well loved 💕



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