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Thank you to those who have been writing to us for more information about our new collection of books. This collection is very near and dear to my heart as it represents many years of practical use, research and joy for our family. We have had the pleasure of connecting with many families in person and online, and so hope this series will be helpful as you create your own home learning experience.

When we began our natural parenting and learning journey it was such a gift to find that Montessori was so in line with our values and relationship that we shared as a family. Maria Montessori was such an inspiration to us and through her work and words we felt such tremendous validation. There are many things that we have internalized from her written work, but one of the things that seated so deeply with us was the practice and gifts of time, energy, and attention.

Time to let our children experience their environment and growth in their own time and way. 

To find the energy when our beautiful children came to us with requests at inopportune moments in effort to clearly see their needs. 

Attention to the smallest of details such that we could see our children for who they were in effort to craft our environment to meet their needs. 

As a parent and person who loves to research, I felt a strong need to see and learn about the entire Montessori package in terms of understanding Maria’s beliefs and work, and the way in which she crafted her method and materials. Most importantly how this translated to our family at home. We were interested in creating an accessible environment that was filled with love and opportunities for natural discovery. It took us a while to figure how that would translate to our family environment and life. What we knew in the end was that we absolutely loved to incorporate materials during moments of heightened interest and through self-directed discovery.  Our home environment is wholeheartedly about following the sparks of self-discovered interests. There are endless opportunities where great depth in learning naturally happens when you have opened your mind and heart. The greatest preparation we ever worked through as parents was not the preparation of our environment or materials, but our own inner healing and preparation as people with needs …  who were raising growing people with needs.

When I began researching the method I was able to find many material lessons online. What I really wanted to have was a complete picture, and a simple practical explanation of how to use each material. A huge amount of focus and attention was placed on math and language as these are the areas that we have had the most questions about.

It was so important to me, to curate information in one place to provide a clear picture of the method and materials in a practical and very visual way. When I began researching the materials nearly ten years ago I had so many questions! My top questions were; What is the material - what does it look like and what are the parts practically speaking? What is the use and purpose of the material? Where in the sequence of development does the material fall? Is this material incorporated later? Can I make the material? Are there alternatives that will meet this developmental need of my child that I may already be providing at home? How can I store these materials in an accessible way? Do I need this material?

For those who may be landing here for the first time, or who have written again to ask here is another look at the descriptions for each book in the series.

Montessori Basics
Montessori Basics is filled with practical working knowledge of Maria Montessori’s philosophy of education, and how this translates to a home learning environment. It addresses the most commonly asked questions about Montessori philosophy, the materials, common terms, and basics components and working knowledge of lessons and methods at home. This basics book will help parents and individuals to understand how and why following the natural development of children is an integral piece of the Montessori Method. This book covers additional questions about building home environments, the practical differences between Montessori education and mainstream schools, as well as the Montessori parenting experience. This book also speaks at length about the myths that often accompany the method, materials and philosophy. This book is an essential piece that is wonderful for those who are beginning to incorporate the philosophy or who are seeking additional understanding from a clear and practical perspective.

Homeschooling Basics
Homeschooling Basics is an invaluable resource for those who are new to homeschooling or well rooted. This book covers a broad range of questions about home learning, resources and the logistics of balancing family needs while learning at home. This book supports parents who are looking for solutions to provide a connected and peaceful home learning environment for children. Homeschooling Basics covers everything from peaceful parenting, home organization solutions, to practical natural learning resources and ideas. We share our home learning story with you, along with many of the challenges and beauty of our home learning experience.

Baby & Toddler
The Baby & Toddler book provides support for parents and caregivers who are beginning their parenting journey or perhaps are looking for a new perspective. This book will help parents and caregivers to create a safe and supportive environment, that will work in harmony with the developmental needs of children. This book will offer peaceful non-judgmental parenting strategies, resources and solutions that will support your individual needs and growth as a family. This book provides information on the history and use of Montessori infant toddler mobiles, and extensive DIY tutorials for creating materials and mobiles for your child. Each tutorial is beautifully photographed in full colour providing the steps, templates, and material options for crating your own mobiles inexpensively.  This book also covers infant toddler Montessori or inspired materials and toys, and how they support your child’s natural development.

Practical Life
The Montessori Practical Life experience is one of the most beautiful experiences and gifts for any child at home. Children work through this period to build motor skills and knowledge of their environment through investigation and exploration. The activities help to foster natural independence, self-reliance, and self-esteem. The heart of practical life is empowerment through observation, in connecting and fostering the physical and mental developmental needs and wellbeing of children. It is about creating the space and freedom for a child to interact within their environment. This book will provide ideas and support for those who wish to create a natural practical environment for children to explore. This book offers a close look at traditional Practical Life materials and trays, and alternatives to support a child’s natural curiosity and development through daily living.

Early Sensorial is an extraordinary journey that every child will embark on. This book lays out the Montessori Sensorial experience in full colour photography to help you see the materials, function and purpose clearly. The Sensorial basic scope and sequence is explained in a practical and comprehensive way to support parents in understanding how sensorial materials (in any form) support your child’s natural development. Some materials from this collection are used throughout mathematics, and this information is clearly identified in effort to help guide material purchasing choices. This book provides diy solutions and alternatives to help make the journey into the senses affordable or free. We offer our experience in using the materials at home and how they lived accessibly within our home environment. This book also identifies materials that are carried forth into other areas of the curriculum later on.

Early Language
The Early Language book is a beautiful full colour exploration of the sequence of early Montessori Language and materials for the three to six age range. Montessori language is a unique hands on exploration of language through the use of physical manipulatives and objects making it a dynamic interactive experience for children. This book provides extensive information knowledge, tutorials and solutions for affordable language material making. The book supports parents to foster the natural progression of language development through observation in offering materials that meet the needs of their children. The goal of this book is to help parents to identify the components, purpose and use of early Montessori language materials as a guide for those wishing to incorporate these materials as a home learning option.

Elementary Language
Elementary Language is continuation of Early Language. This book covers the sequence of language materials used during the elementary curriculum six through twelve years of age. All materials are photographed in full colour and provide information as to the components covered, use and purpose of the lessons and materials.  This book provides solutions to create inexpensive diy options for physical and print materials. Grammar materials are covered in detail.

Early Math
This is an extensive book that covers the range of three to six years of age. Early Math begins with a concrete, physical exploration of numeracy through beautiful manipulatives and materials. Early Math delivers a fully photographed investigation of these materials, including tutorials for use of all materials and the developmental purpose. This book supports parents in working with the materials in a way in which will enhance their child’s natural love and curiosity of the numerical world. This book will identify materials and their supporting components (including print materials) and how they are used together. It also identifies materials that are carried forward into elementary math. This book provides extensive DIY solutions for affordable material making, and alternatives for parents who are looking to support their children with resources who are on a natural learning path. This book benefits parents and caregivers who may be looking to provide additional math resources into their existing environment.
Elementary Math
Elementary Math is a continuation of Early Math. Elementary Math covers the age range of six to twelve years of age. This book covers elementary materials in full colour photography with extensive tutorials for the use and purpose of each material. This book will help parents to support a math journey that is created with a stunning base of manipulative materials and games to bring more complex math concepts to life in a practical and straightforward way. Each material section covers diy solutions and alternatives for parents who may wish to incorporate all or a portion of the materials affordably into their environment.

Early Geography
Early Geography is an incredible world of discovery that supports parents, caregivers and individuals to foster a child’s connection to the diversity and beauty of their global community. This book covers the three to six-year sequence of early Montessori geography materials through a beautifully photographed full colour experience. In addition, this book lays out the elementary sequence, and identifies which materials are carried forward from early to elementary geography. The purpose and use of materials are practically and clearly explained, along with tutorials and alternatives to help create affordable and accessible solutions at home.  This book provides support to parents and individuals who may wish to incorporate all or a selection of the materials into their natural learning environment.

There are so many things that I would love to have written about over the years on our blog, but we have been so immersed with family life and challenges. I have poured my energy over several years into this series of books, through writing and photography, curating photos from our collection, and crafting tutorials that offer clarity and a complete picture to help those who are seeking practical understanding of homeschooling in general, natural development-based learning, and the Montessori method at home. In my book Homeschooling Basics, I share the story of our home learning story in addition to loads of information to help answer questions that we had, and that we’ve been asked about homeschooling and natural learning over many years.

I wish you all the very best and wish to thank those who have written to us with your beautiful feedback and further questions about the books.

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