Sew Organized! Creating a Compact Sewing Cupboard

I have mentioned time and again that I'm a sewer of many years, since I was probably 5 years old.💕
Sewing is definitely one of my many creative passions that move on and off the back burner depending on what's happening in our busy lives. I've owned a couple of small sewing businesses over the years, and I am having great fun revisiting the idea in some capacity. Our space at home is always evolving with our interests, and I certainly am feeling it's time to create an accessible sewing space for us. This new compact cupboard arrangement, is calling our family room home.
I thought I would share it with you all.

There is a never ending stream of amazing organizing pictures and posts on Pinterest, and I found great inspiration there to help me out.

I had such an amazing time revisiting all my old bins and tubs of fabric and sewing supplies that I've had in storage over the years, it would seem that I can see my life laid out in fabric memories. I've found remnants of our children's Halloween costumes, clothing, years of change in draperies and cushion covers, quilts, and soft toys 💕

I have many new exciting projects and plans in the works, and while it was so amazing to spend time with these memories it's time to clear things out to create anew.

I do still have a few bins of things that I am not willing to part with, and fabrics that I won't be using straight away. Overall though I am so happy to have the majority of what I will be working with accessible in one spot!

Yes this is a lot of buttons 👀

This growing collection of buttons was in great need of sorting and organizing! 
Thankfully it became a family effort💕

I decided to use mason jars for our sorted collection. I sprayed the tops white since these jars will find a home on a shelf in our family room around the corner from our sewing cupboard.

My amazing sorting partner💗

Next I went through bins and bins of fabric, notions, machines, and basic supplies that I wanted to keep accessible in this cupboard.

These cupboards are all from Ikea. The top extension however has been discontinued, and this is such a shame because it is one piece and finished really nicely, though we did add the crown molding on the top. The baskets are from Walmart. One thing that I will do when I get a chance, is to back paint the glass in the doors with white spray paint. I've done this with other Ikea Billy doors and it's awesome! I will post a picture when this happens.

The fabric is not perfectly uniform but I will say that I did not edit the contents of the cupboard for these pictures, because I wanted you to see how it actually looks and is used. I cut up a bunch of old boxes to use for rolling my fabrics. This is by far the best solution I've tried yet for storing fabric. This is an old method from fabric stores, but is often seen online at home. I think it's brilliant!
 The baskets hold ribbon, bias tape, zippers, elastic, velcro, and a few other smaller things.

This smaller side was the perfect size for a serger, thread spools, twill tape, machine parts and such.

Below is my favourite portable sewing box. This is a tool box and I absolutely love it! I have the lid propped open with a shelf peg. I can access the drawers and contents without removing it from the shelf, but yet I have the option if needed.

All of my rulers, scissors, cutters and mats are hanging on 3M hooks. My iron fits really well beside my tool box along with a sleeve board, and pattern/fabric weights.

The smaller organizing case on the bottom holds all kinds of fun notions like sequins, beads, fasteners, safety pins and all kinds of other small notions and tools. I can pop open the front to reveal three plastic organizers and slide them out as I need. I have two basic machines in this cupboard being a simple sewing machine and serger. My other machines are stored. 

So that's it! We've packed a huge amount in here, but it feels super organized and easy to use!
Best of luck with your organizing projects!



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