Growing Crystals With Kids, Science At Home

 This is a kit that we were not endorsed to share.  
Our children asked to purchase this kit, and were extremely interested in growing crystals. We've had great fun with it at home, and we wanted to share it with you. 

This kit is like most in that it came with a few simple supplies, and instructions for use. This was our second run through with the solutions to create crystals. 
The set came with two packets of coloured powder for mixing, stir sticks, small magnifier, 3 rocks (to give your crystals a surface to cling to), containers for mixing, and safety goggles.
It also has some great information about the growing and formation of crystals.
There are a ton of amazing videos online, and so many DIY solutions to try to create your own crystals at home. 

We had great success with the first mixtures. We used the stones that were provided and mixed as per instructions. We mixed our powder in a Pyrex container with boiled water. We poured the mixture into our container just below the surface of our rocks. It was recommended that you sprinkle some of the power on the surface of the wet rock to jump start the process.

This was the result. 

We took a closer look through our microscope.

We played around with focusing on various parts of the crystals, and capturing images on the lens cam. We also used my phone and snapped a few really cool images.

These images were taken with my phone.

                         We decided to mix another batch, and try growing crystals on glass pebbles.                   We will add pictures in later to show you the results.

                           These guys wanted to pour our leftover solution in larger containers,                               to see what would happen.

There are so many ways to create crystals at home with simple supplies. 
We are growing more crystals right now with sugar. We will update with those results later on.

This was great fun. These crystals had grown on the side of the plastic container. 
So beautiful 💕

Happy crystal growing😃

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  1. Hi, what microscope do you use please? And would you recommend it? My son has been saving up for one for some time. Thanks.

    1. Hi there! I have updated the post with links to the type of microscope we own. These are affiliate links, but if you prefer you can search for them directly. This has been an amazing scope to use, and we love that ours is binocular because it gives us the option of looking through the scope and also through the camera at the same time. The view through the scope is far more crisp, but if you invest in a better camera your results may be better. Some of our images were taken with my iPhone through the lens. Good luck!!


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