The Best Colour Learning Puzzles & Games For Kids, Montessori At Home

We are sharing our most prized and favourite colour learning games and puzzles with you all. There are so many amazing products available on the market and it can be difficult to choose.
We have also included a link to new complete Colour Learning Package, that is packed with amazing printable activities including all three of the Montessori Colour Box Materials.

This is a beautiful colour wheel puzzle that we love. 

Below is our DIY version of a Montessori Colour Colour Box 4 Tint Matching Activity that we had found online. This has been a well used piece in our home, and was so simply made.

This is an absolutely incredible wooden puzzle mandala, that we were given as a gift from my sister. We have posted about it before, because it's so beautiful and fun to create with. 

This is the Montessori Colour Box 3. This box was designed for children to evaluate and grade colour. We often use this box during art projects, and along side other materials. 
It's gorgeous, and a feast for the eyes.

This puzzle set was so amazing, and a huge favourite in our house. It's a lovely combination of colour learning as well as shape recognition, combined with all of the benefits of puzzle solving.

This is a Melissa and Doug Colour Sorting and Patterning activity, and it's an amazing tool for colour learning.

For those looking for some early colouring learning activities, here are our DIY Montessori Colour Boxes 1 & 2
Box 1 contains primary colour pairs, and box 2 contains primary and secondary colours. 

If you are interested in our Colour Learning Package you can visit our printables store to take a look. We have included sample pages for you to check out.

This is a beautiful colourful package designed with all of the desired elements for colour learning. Instructions for the materials are included in this package.
Included in this package:
Montessori Colour Box 1 Primary Colour Tablets
Montessori Colour Box 2 Primary & Secondary Colour Tablets
Montessori Colour Box 3 Colour Evaluation and Grading Tablets
Colour Sorting & Grading Game
Colour Labels
Colour Sorting Images in Primary and Secondary Colours
Colour and Number Puzzles 1-10 Featuring The Montessori Bead Stair Colours
Colour & Word Puzzles Primary & Secondary Colours
Playing With Colour Activities Included:
Colour Mixing Bugs in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours
Colour Wheel Chart & Blackline Colour Wheel Chart
Colour Mixing Sun Graphics
Colour Mixing Butterfly Graphic Activity

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