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The Montessori 45 Layout is an early place value work. Your child explores and builds a physical place value chart on the floor with Golden Beads and large number cards, units through thousands. This layout will help your child to visualize and develop an understanding of place value, order of numbers, and concentration.

This work is very large and can take some time. Our children loved building this chart, and sometimes in stages. It can take time to build the concentration to complete the entire layout.

The layout is completed with a large collection of Golden Beads. It's called the 45 Layout simply because it takes 45 of each value to complete the chart.

A typical set of Golden Beads contain 9 thousand cubes. To complete this layout it requires 45! This is a great place to explore a printable option, even in part.

 Ava's has such fun with this material. She was 7 at the time 💕

If you are looking for a partial or entire economical Golden Beads collection you can check out Printables Store to take a look. We offer an entire Golden Bead Collection that includes all of the support materials required in most manuals to complete all of the exercises with Golden Bead materials. 

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