Come visit Us At Trillium Montessori HOMESCHOOL SUMMIT 2017!!

For those who may not know, Trillium Montessori is hosting an incredible event for any wishing to know more about the Montessori home school experience. There is an incredible lineup of speakers, and we are so honoured to be part of this amazing event!

January 9-12, 2017 Registration for the Summit is now open!!
Trillium Montessori HOMESCHOOL SUMMIT 2017,
a one-of-a-kind Montessori conference!
This 4-day event is packed with workshops, community, and resources...
and it is 100% online!
This summit has been designed to make the 'conference experience' accessible to all.
No matter where you live in the world or what your budget is, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can be a part of this with us!

Thanks for visiting with us!



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