Starting Violin Lessons!

There has been lots of music related excitement around the house. Xander has discovered a great love of the violin.
He has chatted about the possibly wanting to try the violin, but one evening not so long ago he came to us and said "I'm really serious about learning, and would like to try."

We did some hunting on used sites for violins and locally, but found and purchased this violin on

This violin is beautiful. It came with a soft cloth cover, rosin and a shoulder rest. 
We purchased the shoulder rest below as the one that came with the violin was missing, and we needed it right away for his lessons. After contacting customer service it was shipped right away! 
The case is also fantastic!

We asked some home school friends who they would recommend for lessons and we found a fantastic instructor who teaches with the Suzuki method.
Before his first lesson we watched some great videos together to learn about the parts, and care of his new violin.

Miss Ava has been exploring pianos every chance she gets.
 We found a fantastic reasonably priced electronic piano. This is a full 88 semi weighted piano that sounds lovely.

While she is very interested, she is not interested (at this point) in sitting for lessons. She is exploring some great online instruction. She is really enjoying this instructor. It is super easy because we can place her iPad right on the stand of her piano to follow along. I will add and update links we try as we go along.

We are so excited to see where this journey
 takes them!!



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