Print Making for Kids

This is a super simple method of printmaking with really basic materials. You will find tons of inspiration online to create some amazing artwork with your children.

I remember my college printmaking classes, and I have to say they were some of my favourites.

The methods to create prints are endless! If you check out Pinterest you will find so many different options to work with materials you have at home, or very inexpensively. 
I was inspired online recently to give it a try with Ava!

We tried a couple of options below. For this method you need some kind of surface to apply paint, and then draw an image into the paint for transfer. You can simply use brushes (if that's what you have) or sponges or a high density foam roller to apply the paint. We used simple cheap  foam craft rollers.

You could also use a textured surface to get a different effect. 
The first was a clear glass pie plate, that was turned upside down on the table. 
I'd seen this online and thought it would be fun to try.
This worked really well. Ours had a little raised anchor logo in the centre, that we would have preferred not be there so we tried another surface. You could also use a cookie sheet.

I had piece of cardboard that I coated with plastic wrap, and taped on the back side. 
This worked really well, and we created most of our prints with these boards. 
We also switched to a large old cookie sheet for our paint.

We used mostly acrylic paints, but also a couple of tempera.

We had loads of fun creating some fun prints. There are so many other options and ideas out there that we can't wait to try!

Happy Print making!!

I hope you are enjoying Spring!!



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