My Beginner Crochet Kit & Storage Tray Table!

I thought I would share my beginner crochet kit that I put together a while back, and also a great storage solution for current projects!

I have several large rubber made style stack-able bins of yarn and other findings in storage. This is an Ikea tray table that separates into several trays and holds my supplies that I am currently working with. It sits beside my favorite chair in the family room looking clean and beautiful!

I started out with a set of hooks that my husbands grandmother passed along to me.
I decided to purchase a little carrying case.
 I bought this case from Joann's Fabrics but can't seem to find it on their site so you can see it here.

The contents so far are as follows...
yarn threader

I have to say that I am loving this row counter, and am so happy I bought it!!! The hook on the counter is a stitch holder (?) more for knitting. I am just using it at the moment to attach the counter to the handle of my kit.

These are the hooks that I was given.

These are the hooks that I purchased. I was shocked at how many different types of hooks are available. Some hooks are literal works of art!! 
I am not sure that I needed all these hooks, but I am loving these.

The beige one is a size P, and the large turquoise one is a Q hook.

 The above metal hooks are Boye size 6, 6.5, 9
The rose coloured one on the end is Susan Bates size 8.
I do have some duplicates, but decided to try a couple of different ones. I am really liking the ones with bamboo handles.

I have since added many new hooks but the basics of this kit remain the same for me and have been extremely helpful!!

I LOVE pinning crochet work and inspiration on Pinterest! You can go check out these boards here! I have pinned my favorite tutorials on our stitches board.

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  1. That's a rather neat way to store all your crocheting equipment I think! Makes the whole storage package quite transportable so that you can take your stuff out and work on it wherever you are!

    1. Thank you!! I really do love it. You are are right it is super accessible and easy to work from. Thank you for commenting!


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