Money Learning & Market Play with Kids

We have been playing market at LOT lately and it is such a perfect opportunity for currency learning practice counting money!

This was the setup we used today. 

Ava wanted to set up her market bins with Shopkins (small collectible characters in the form of food and housewares Shopkins, Season 3 , 12-Pack (Characters May Vary). Usually though the market is furnished with play foods and cafe type options.

We used our Montessori inspired currency number cards and our set of play money.

This was basically how we were playing today - I shopped and Ava created the amount of money she thought I should pay in currency number cards. We practiced saying the number together, and then separated the number cards to create the amount for each in the corresponding amount. 
I counted tens and units out to her and pointed out exchanges for instance "five pennies" in exchange for a nickel.

She used our little cash register to punch in the amount from each card. This gives her the opportunity to write the number, and practice using the calculator to add the numbers together.
 There are many ways to do this activity, but as I have mentioned in the past Ava loves added "steps" and procedure so this is perfect for her.

 Then she stacks the cards and reads the number.

This is such a super fun way to play and learn about money! 

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