Lego Building Storage Solutions

There is a lot of excitement in our house at the moment with the return of Lego Bionicles! This is an amazing Lego figure building system that we have been collecting for some time now. I thought I would show you how we are storing our parts.

This building system is part of a series that started with Bionicle figures many years ago. There was a system redesign, and it was released again as Lego Hero Factory. The series has just been released again as a new series of Bionicle figures, to serve a massive fan base anxiously awaiting their return.

Xander started out collecting Hero Factory.

 The new system works with Hero Factory, so it's amazing to be able to merge your collections.

This is not all of our figures but rather the case/box that stores all of our parts.
 The assembled figures are on display, and in bins on shelves in his room. 

We love this because be can bring this tool box anywhere!
 It has three drawers in the body of the case and a large storage compartment on top.

Both Xander and Ava are avid Lego builders, so this is a pretty exciting development.
Happy Building!

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  1. What a great storage idea! My girls are collectors of Lego Friends and have a city set up in one of their rooms. They received a Darth Vader Bionicle and boy was it quite the process of putting together! Really flexed their minds as well as mine!

    1. That's amazing!! Lego is such an amazing journey for kids and parents! Our storage is always changing LOL!


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