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We are having such an amazing time in the yard this year. This time of year in the garden is so incredibly interesting with all of the changes through the life cycles of our plants and small friends in the gardens.

We are digging out lots of carrots and beets right now and we made some really interesting discoveries while digging. We found worms, slugs and all kinds of small friends making their home in the remnants of veg and plants. Life has some full circle in the garden.

Some of our carrots had split, and we found one filled with insects sharing a home together. 

 Ava loves to collect leaves, seed pods, and anything she finds interesting in the garden. This is an amazing time to find insect homes, and to chat about all of our garden friends and their preparation for winter.

Checking out all of our perennials that have now dried and gone to seed in just incredible. 
We found signs of change, new life and metamorphosis.

The kids harvested the dried beans for planting next year.

We also have another exciting development in the year this fall in that we are building a family room addition. The large pile of dirt is particularly interesting and fun right now, especially all of the fantastic finds we are coming across while digging.

We are also excited because we have kept a stash of windows from our old sun porch to recycle into a small green house this Spring. Not sure what that will look like yet, but I will be planning away this winter, we'll will see what we can come up with!

This time of year always involves lots of fun time and experimentation in the kitchen!

This is hard work! Ava is using our spiral veg cutter to make veg pasta (replacement for). 

So beautiful! We used our carrots and beets here.

We bought our spiral cutter to experiment with alternatives to pasta, and I have to say we are loving it! It is also amazing for salads. We sauteed ours below with garlic, mushrooms and red onions in olive oil and some butter. We crumbled over goat cheese and served with chicken skewers.

We are making our way through Fall and I have to say that we will miss it. Last year was a long winter and while winter is amazing in so many ways we will be ready and waiting for Spring...

I do hope you are all enjoying the season where ever you may be!

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  1. What a great gardening experience

    1. Our gardens are so important to us and I love sharing what we are up to. I also love visiting other blogs and sites that are gardening with kids! So amazing :)


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