A Visit To Bolt Castle!

We have paid a visit to many historical sites, but I have to say that this was a big favorite! The staff and grounds of Bolt Castle are nothing less than spectacular!

Visit Bolt Castle with us...

A short ride to Heart Island from Alexandria Bay. 
 Alexandria Bay is such a beautiful town filled with amazing shops and fun finds. We had a quick late lunch before we headed to our shuttle.
Approaching the island we circled this little bit of magnificence sitting in the water. This is not the castle, but the Pump House! How incredible is that!

I must also say that as a young family who is touring any historical site the outdoor spaces are greatly appreciated as much or more so than the buildings themselves.

This is the site below the castle. You free to roam the majority of spaces and this fabulous space under the castle. Walking through we felt completed transported to the past. We could not believe the generosity of the site in that you could visit so many areas that other sites often restrict access to.

This is the pool. The water was like crystal and we could just imagine what this space would have been like back in it's days of glory.

We traveled up from below to emerge into the enormity of the grand hallway. This was just fantastic to look up to the stain glass dome in the ceiling. The mill work was just incredible!

There are six levels of the castle to visit, the lower levels have been for the most part restored. As you travel up you step into the past and can witness how the quiet years it sat forgotten had taken it's toll on the stone and plaster. This was such an incredible thing to see with the children, and sparked many conversations. Both Xander and Ava were struck and saddened to see some of the graffiti that young visitors has scratched and marred into the plaster.

The lower rooms are nothing short of stunning! The ballroom was such a treat. One of my favorites (might seem strange) was the butler's pantry! How I love that sink!

So many details. The porches were just beautiful loaded with incredible details mill and stone work. How amazing it would have been to live here and sit on these ledges over looking the gardens.

How I love Alster Tower. This was to be a games/play/guest house for the family. It featured a bowling alley! This building was absolutely magical! Xander said it reminded him of Lord of the Rings and Hobbit doors 💓

Collecting acorns all around the island and loving all of the wonder in every nook and
 cranny of the castle.

Taking it all in.

I was coming down the stairs and this was such a precious moment to capture.
Ava was pointing and asking questions about the beautiful lady in the painting.
Who of course was Louise Bolt.
 If you would like to read about the incredible story of the castle filled with love and tragedy you can find it here.

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Thanks for visiting with us!



  1. Wow Cherine I have never been to Boldt Castle and had no idea that it was so beautiful. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!!

    1. Thank you! It was such a pleasure to visit, and it was so amazing to photograph the site the kids just loved it!!


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