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I have mentioned before that in addition to our Montessori Materials and space, we do use many different types of materials for play & learning in our home.
This a fun, simple Listening area.  Included are some fun games, music and read along books. 
These types of activities have helped my children develop skills in distinguishing sounds, pattern in sound, enunciation, speech, and greatly expanded their vocabulary.  It has also helped to develop greater focus and attention. 

This little CD player has worked really well, it is sturdy and easy for Ava to operate.  The headphones fit well, and comfortable to wear. 

Our kids LOVE Disney, so we have included a few stories and a couple of fun poetry read along books.

Speechercise is a really fun interactive CD that really helps to reinforce formation of difficult sounds.  The rest are just fun and some are silly, the kids love to sing and dance along. 

These are all bingo style listening games that we play together.
Listening Lotto: Sounds at Home
We also have a couple of baskets with Leap Tag books and games.  Ava listens to full stories while Xander reads his own now and often to Ava, and plays games with the pen.

We have two pens (one for each child).  We have loaded the more popular stories on both pens, but have colour coded our books with stickers for each pen colour - for the kids to know which stories can be used with what pen.

These cards are wonderful.  They contain animal facts, information, and animal sounds.
We have included the Super Speller to this area, as well as letter sound, listening, and word building Leap games.

There is a lower case extension pack of letters for the unit above, but I tried our lowercase letters from the one below and they worked!!

 You can stock your listening activity area with whatever you like!!  The majority of what you see below was purchased from 
The choices are endless!!

We have had a great deal of fun!

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