Sound Bottles Work, DIY Sound Bottles Montessori Sensorial At Home

Miss Ava started working with our DIY Sound Bottles a few months ago, and has been loving them.  This is the first real interest she has shown in them since I first presented them to her.  It is interesting because there were many materials that I was not sure she would ever use, that she has recently been drawn to.

Listening for her match.

Found it!!

She presented her activity to daddy:)

Checking her work.

Mixing and replacing her bottles to the tray.

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  1. I love all the stuff you did with Ava! I'm inspired! Made some mental notes to do some of these with my girl, thanks!!

  2. Looking at Ava made me miss teaching pre-schoolers. When my son was about her age, he love loves objects boxes :)

    1. You know... I will miss it so much when we move forward. It is such a wonderful time. The object boxes are magical aren't they :))

  3. Hi Cherine!!! Miss Ava doing amazing!!! Wow what a great job!!! Thanks also for those great apps!!! Big Hugs!!

    1. Thank you Karen!! You are so sweet. She has had such a long year, but is doing so amazing!!


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