Addition Strip Board, Montessori Addition Fact Materials

The Strip Boards are a Montessori Addition and Subtraction fact memorization material.  If you do a search you will find tons of lessons for them.  I bought our Addition and Subtraction Strip Boards from here, and they are beautiful, but if I were to do it over again, I would probably make them.

I have mentioned before that we started using these boards early as a fun game while learning the basic concept of Addition and Subtraction and this is not a recommendation, but simply was a lot of fun and worked well for Xander.

We have worked with the Addition Strip Board along with the Addition Charts. 

We changed things up a bit with our Addition Booklet (you can get them free from here).  I took our booklet and laid the sheets out on the table.  Xander picked random equations from our Equations and Sums Box (from here), and used the board to solve the problem.  Then he found the equation on his sheets, and recorded the sum.  In turn he created the problem in reverse, and recorded that duplicate sum.  He continued until he had completed the sheets from his booklet.  He had fun doing it this way.

The equations and sums boxes are wonderful to have, but if not a printable version works very well.

 Xander out of the blue wanted to know how many squares were on the board?  So we pulled off the road for a moment to talk about how he would calculate the number of squares.  He started by counting the squares one by one, and row by row. He quickly realized this was not fun so he discovered that if he counted down the side, he could determine how many "times" to take the 18 squares. 

Then he used his calculator to find the area.  This was a fun detour.

This is essentially starts as a search for "10" lesson.  As he placed the Strips on the board and he recorded the equations and in doing so, very quickly noted the emerging pattern.

 Then he eliminated duplicate equations crossing them off in his notes.

Here he is using Chart 1. covering all duplicate equations we used our sum chips and flipped them over.

These are presentations from our Montessori Reasearch and Development Manual, with some adaptations and changes I felt worked well for Xander.

UPDATE: We have created a collection of memorization materials that are inclusive of all the materials needed to complete the sequence. If you wish to check the materials out you can do so here.

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  1. I love the great work Xander did with the strip boards, Cherine! And the detour was awesome! Thanks for sharing so many great resources, too. I was happy to feature your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

    1. Thank you Deb!! You have been so wonderful in sharing our work. I can't thank you enough:)

  2. There are so many great resources within this post. Thank you for taking the time to bring them all together :) Of course I loved reading about your experience with Xander, too. I am rusty with the strip boards, and won't need them for some time, but I am definitely going to save this post for the future, when it's time to use them again.

    1. Thank you Melissa!!! I am so happy you found it helpful. Mr. Xander is a funny guy, and I find it such a pleasure to document and share his progress as with Miss Ava :)) I must admit that I include so many links because it is a quick reference for me also!!

  3. Love these Montessori math materials! I use them for my special needs son for simple addition and subtraction, he loves it and can do his math problems independently! Great photos, too!

    1. Thank you Lisa!! That is so amazing...such a huge confidence boost:))It is a beautiful material. I love the adaptability of Montessori materials:)

  4. I love revisiting your posts, Cherine ... they're always inspiring! I featured your post and photo in my DIY Addition Strip Board and Strip Board Presentations post today at

    1. Thanks Deb!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your feedback and sharing of our posts!!


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