Montessori Stamp Game, Montessori Math At Home

We bought our Stamp Game here.  I used a introduction to the decimal system tray to present the stamps/number tiles to Xander.  For free lessons check here we use this manual from Montessori Research & Development.

These are simple number cards I made for Xander when we started making numbers with gold beads.  I made these for quick retrieval and additional practice. 

 We did not write anything this time around. This was an initial presentation. 
We went through some static and dynamic addition 2-4 digit.

This was a fun change for Xander, but a little bitter sweet for both of us as we adore our beautiful golden beads.

Such a great game!
We have created an affordable 
Complete Stamp Game Package with everything you need to play this game at home.
You are welcome to check it out at our 
Printable Store

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you:) I LOVE your angry birds Xander will love it too:))

  2. Oh, goodness! You have the most creative storage ideas! So, PLEASE share with your readers EXACTLY how you have that math storage thing set up. I wanna see a front shot and know how you label them. I have a big one, and I'm thinking about making it entirely into holding math materials -- operations, fractions, geometry, etc... SOOOO please fill us in!

    1. Leann...Thank you!!!!

      I will post another pic, but here are the contents - it's pretty basic actually:))
      top row...4 drawers of addition
      1. 2 digit static and Dynamic
      2. 3 digit s/d
      3. 4 digit s/d
      4. small equation cards

      We followed with multiplication, so that is next in the same configuration.
      Then Subtraction & division all the same.

      Below this... are 4 larger drawers with three more small ones running up between them. The 4 drawers contain a set of tables for each operation, and the three in between have the number cards I made...
      1. 2 digit
      2. 3 digit
      3. 4 digit

      I like your idea to add in other math materials, and may do that with a bigger cabinet ...or add another?

      This idea is from all the amazing cabinets I've seen for language. The problem slips have to lay in on a diagonal, and that can be a pain sometimes but overall it's worked very well for us.
      I made my labels in word - either in the color of the operation or ink. They are very basic:))
      Thanks Leann!!!

    2. THANK YOU!!! I've been working on my new math cabinet all afternoon... can't wait to share!

  3. Can't wait to see it!!!
    Please list what you put in yours, as mine just has the basic operations stuff:))

  4. Cherine

    I absolutely love your blog. I can see that our kids are both working on the stamp game:-) We had so much fun with it!!

    I would be honored if you would like to link your post to our Polish edition of Montessori Monday

    Warm hugs

    1. I certainly when I get a chance...I can't thank you enough for such a kind comment:)) Thank you!!!


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