Golden Bead Dynamic Division, Montessori Math At Home

We did a little more Division work today. Xander worked on a few static division problems before we moved on to dynamic and then then dynamic with remainders.
Above Xander lined up his 6 "wooden" kids waiting for their equal share. 
Then made the dividend in beads.

I will quickly note again that in class this would be done with several children, we are using wooden children.  We are also lining up our children, and placing the bead quantities directly beside or in front of the child, without the use of trays. 
At this point Xander has been recording his work for quite some time, so while we do sometimes use our number cards he is now mainly recording his work and working from prepared slips. He has zero issue with counting, reciting or making bead quantities for numbers 1-1000.  That being said we have made changes here that I feel very comfortable with, to suit our needs. 

Today Xander recorded his work noting a remainder of 4.

Here his 5 kids are hiding behind the thousand cubes, he thought that was funny. He made his dividend of 9857, and in this picture he has divided the thousands and is regrouping the remaining to hundreds this was a LOT of regrouping!

On to regrouping hundreds to tens. 
He divided the tens and units, and recorded his work. He is having fun with this but mainly for presentation purposes. I think he will love the Stamp Game.

Xander was very pleased with his efforts today💗 

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  1. Very clever to use the wooden children! I'll have to do this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you!!! I really appreciate your comment:))

  3. I agree! The wooden children are awesome! Thank you! Also, where did you get the resin bugs?

    1. Thank you!!!! We love our tiny wooden children:))
      I bought the bugs from Toy's R US USA online....they are awesome!! I made cards for them from the booklet they come with.
      Thanks for stopping by:))


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