Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sensorial & Practical life Materials we made

I will say that we did purchase a large amount of sensorial materials and other, but this is what we decided to make everything!
Very simple projects were the Graded Sandpaper Tablets – cut plywood to size and chose various grades of sand paper , wood glued and trimmed after dry.  Basically did the same thing with the Smooth & Rough Boards.

Nut & Bolt activity…my husband made this for us.  The hardest thing about this was picking out the bolts.  Ours lays flat on the table to make it simply.  He counter-sunk the bolts into the bottom of a scrap piece of oak.  He used construction adhesive to set them, and when it was dry I put adhesive backed felt on the bottom.

Our fabric box – well…I am a sewer and fabric fanatic, so this was very simple to put together.  I measured and cut the squares with pinking shears.  The fabrics are varying textures and weights.  We select a few at a time for the mystery bag.

The sound bottles were kind of fun to make and easy too.  I called a local pharmacy and asked if they had any bottles kicking around that I could buy.  I wanted them to be opaque, and I needed several so this worked really well.  They gave them to me for a couple of bucks…not bad.

We also used film canisters to make the weight bottles.  We used latex caulking to set fishing weights, and to seal the canisters.  I would not make these again, it was a pain to get all the weights, and not cheap in the end.  You also had to really be careful to weight them out correctly.

The smelling bottles… there are a ton of different containers you can use to do this.  We made ours from film canisters (free from camera shop).  I drilled a few tiny holes in the top, and covered with low tact tape. 

Bead sequencing work…I bought the plastic container from a craft store, and made the pattern cards.

Magnet fun...the kids love this!!

Marble transfer activity was all from the dollar store - mini ice tray, and small blue bowl to tranfer from…pretty color too J
Check out these posts for a few more ideas patterning here, sorting here and more practical life here!!

Sorting activity. These are great to sort by color or shape and can also be used for sewing work. 

This button snake activity is from another blog mom.  SOOO cute, and easy to make. - small & large buttons and ribbons.  The squares are felt with a slit cut into them.
 Simple sorting activity - these can be sorted various ways as well - tweezers can be used to retrieve and separate the beads

The bean transfer activity is my tiny girls’ favourite thing to do.  Just a box of dried beans - we use cup measues to discover measuring - spoons - tiny ladels and also we use a tiny pitcher and cups to poor with these J

Mystery box…made with plywood.  He cut the holes in the ends, and we used black tights - that we cut a short section out of the legs from, and stapled to the inside of the ends before assembling the box.


  1. I wonder, would plaster of paris work for a filler for the weight cylinders?

  2. It might!! I found my canisters were poss to small to get much of a weight difference.
    Let me know if you try it, and how it worked out:))

  3. Thanks for sharing so many inspiring ideas. I'm going to ask the nearest photo shop for film canisters!!

    1. Thank you!! Let me know how you do with them!!! I'd love to see:))

  4. You make such awesome materials, Cherine! I featured your post and tactile boards and tablets photo in my Montessori Monday DIY Tactile Boards and Extensions at http://livingmontessorinow.com/2012/03/12/montessori-monday-diy-tactile-boards-and-extensions/

    1. Thank you so much Deb!! It is really nice to hear especially from you:)) Have a great week:))


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