Number Cards & Counters

I bought the counters from Kidadvance, but you could easily use bingo chips.  The box is lattice mould, and the cards are plywood with vinyl numbers made from the sheet I had printed.  I did not buy the number cut outs or number puzzle matching, as I already have activities like these in other materials I have purchased.
I particularly like the introduction to odd & even number lessons with these.



  1. I was wanting to link to my blog and a great printable extension exercises for cards and counters. You can look under the Mathematics Label. I love your blog. It is fabulous to see the way your homeschooling Montessori life is coming together.

  2. Thank you so much!! We are really enjoying home schooling:))
    You have some amazing resources on your blog!! Thank you for leaving the link, it's very kind of you to share such wonderful materials:))


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