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It's been quite a year... I do hope you are all fairing well! It feels like we have all done our best to settle into our new normal and daily rhythm. We have been tucked in like many of you playing and learning together.

It's been an interesting year and I have enjoyed the connections I've made with parents and teachers who have been in need of resources that can easily translate to use at home. No one has infinite funds and setting up Montessori resources on the fly has not been an easy task for so many. 

I am always creating because it's what I love to do most and I have a new package for those who may be looking for Seasons and Weather Learning resources.
Here goes!

Complete Montessori Seasons & Weather Learning Activity Set PDF

Seasons Wheel & Activity Set PDF

Exploring the seasons with our Seasons Wheel Activity Set is a feast for the eyes! This beautiful set is a graphic representation of the seasons. Each tree is an original piece of art that is accompanied by real images to help illustrate the seasons to your child. Play with this set and enjoy!
Also, remember that this is a beautiful chart to print assemble and hang on the wall of your home or classroom

This Set Includes:
- Large Seasons Wheel Set
- Small Seasons Wheel Set
- Blackline Blank Seasons Wheel
- Charts and Mats Colour & Black and White
- Seasons 3 Part Cards

Our large Seasons Wheel is printed and assembled from 4 sheets of letter-size paper.
Print and laminate for durability. Use the large 4 season wedges to create a seasons wheel puzzle.

We have included many versions and activities that may be created for a wide range of ages.
This set includes many illustrations and suggestions for use.

Introduce the child to the concept and vocabulary with our set of seasons 3 part cards.

A small child may begin by sorting colours and then assembling their wheel.
You can cut the wedges further to create a monthly season puzzle wheel. We have provided a version with lines to help you cut out this version. Your child may begin with the 4 season puzzle and then work on ordering them by month.

The wheel can also be matched to a blackline control wheel.
Your child can build by months or a smaller child may begin by seasons.
Later your child may assemble without the control wheel but might use it to check their work.
Your child may wish to cut the images and paste them to the Backline season wheel.

Calendar Building & Activity Set PDF

Our beautiful Calendar Building Set features a large PDF printable calendar! This set was created with real images to help your child to visualize each season and their relationship to one another. This Set complements the Seasons Wheel for continuity.
Calendars are a fantastic way to help with number learning and counting, along with number patterns. The calendar numbers are also colour-coded to match early Montessori number cards.

This Set Includes:

- Large Calendar - Year, Month, and Days may be updated with a complete set of color-coded tiles.
- Seasons Tracing Card Set
- Months Tracing Card Set
- Week Day Tracing Card Set

Our large Calendar is printed and assembled from 4 sheets of letter-size paper.
Tracing cards will help your child to recognize, read, and practice writing the months, seasons, and days of the week.

Your child can use the tracing cards or calendar tiles to order the seasons, months, and weekdays.

Weather Tracker Chart &Activity Set PDF

Weather is a topic that is often on a child's mind and tracking weather is such a fun activity to help explore these daily events.
Our Weather Tracker Chart is paired down to focus on the weather over a 7 day

This Set Includes:
- Large Weather Tracker Chart
- Weather Tiles for most common weather events and patterns
- Common Weather 3 Part Card Set
- Weather Vocabulary Tracing Cards

These activities will help your child to practice:
- reading and retaining the names, and order of weekdays
- what the time frame of a week feels like
- the number of days in a week
- common weather and weather patterns
- retention through writing practice with our tracing card set

Our Tracker Chart print on two sheets of letter-size paper and may be laminated for durability along with all of the materials in the set for repeated use.
Soft double-sided adhesive Velcro is a great option for adhering your weather tiles to the chart.

Your chart may also be backed with foam core board from the dollar store.

Season Sorting Card Set PDF

Our Season Sorting activity will help your young children to visually reference seasonal changes. They may take note of the changes in plants, clothing, and seasonal activities.
These cards make an excellent story and conversation starters, your child may wish to tell you a story about each card.
You may wish to print a second set of the cards to play memory match as a family!
Printing a set of image Sheets is also great for a smaller child to use as a matching mat. Beginning with one season your child may match the images to the season card mat.

This Set includes:
- Set of Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn (Real Image Cards)
- Season Sorting Labels
- Season Control Cards for your child to check their sorting progress.

Cut out your labels and images and laminate your cards for durability and repeated use (if you wish).
You may wish to begin by introducing and talking about one season at a time. Seasons may be added with one sorting card to start and more may be added as your child progresses with sorting.

This is a **PDF PRODUCT ONLY.** Any additional materials found in the sample photos are provided for reference to the traditional materials and how the materials function together - for those who are interested.

Prepared math materials help your child to practice independently. The materials if laminated are durable and are used repeatedly. They are easily shared with several children. Most materials can be scaled to a multi-age environment.

Prepared materials help your child to practice independently. The materials if laminated are durable and can be used repeatedly. They are easily shared with several children. Most materials can be scaled to a multi-age environment.

I wish to thank you all for reaching out and to those who have been so kind and lovely in supporting our small business during this time.



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