Our NEW Collection of 10 Books "A Practical Guide to Montessori & Homeschooling" are NOW available!

Writing this book, as well as connecting with fellow homeschoolers through Making Montessori Ours and our social media sites have been such a pleasure and labour of love. Many of you have written to us throughout the years asking questions that we too searched for at the beginning of our homeschooling journey.  Through this series of books, we share what we have learned throughout our home learning adventure with you.

Our home learning experience has brought new and bright discoveries, that continue to fill us with beautiful family moments. This collection of books documents much of this journey, and so much more.

While this book collection is rooted in Montessori, it is also a practical resource for parents, individuals, and homeschoolers that provides information as to how the method supports parents who are following their children on a natural learning journey. This book collection was written to foster the parent-child connection, and with the intent that each individual will use the content in a way that makes sense for them. While this book is not a manual, it will help you understand the basic scope and sequence of the materials. The books focus heavily on the philosophy, parenting, and traditional use of Montessori materials, as this is a fantastic foundation to build from. It is our goal to project a practical view of the materials to support you with forming solutions that are perfect for your family based on the individual needs of you and your children.
All materials are photographed in detail with extensive information and tutorials which include: the traditional function and use of each material; additional support materials that are required for each material including if the material is used later in the curriculum; how do the materials follow your child's development, and what are the alternatives for economical solutions.

It is my hope that this collection of books will answer the vast majority of questions that you may have asked, AND offer a great deal of information regarding a huge range of questions that you never knew you had.

This series of books "A Practical Guide to Montessori & Homeschooling", delivers a clear image of the Montessori philosophy. It offers helpful information that will assist you in creating an accessible and practical Montessori environment within your home, to work in harmony with your child's natural development. Some of you may wish to incorporate many of the materials shown throughout this collection, while others may wish to create an environment completely based on the Montessori philosophy. The Montessori Method at heart is about observing your child as an individual, and creating a lifestyle at home, where your child has the freedom and flexibility to thrive and learn on their own timeline, and through their own interests and passion.

Below is a detailed video preview of this series for you to see a selection of the contents covered in the collection. We have three additional titles that will be added to the collection in the near future. 

We have been living with the materials and philosophy in our home for nearly a decade. The very heart and essence of this collection of books are to honour diversity and freedom of choice in the home learning experience. This book, our Blog, and Facebook page are intended to support a peaceful and non-judgemental learning experience that celebrates families and their freedom to create their own home learning story. Your journey may not look like ours which is perfect because it shouldn't; your journey is your own. 

We wish you all great love in your journey to making Montessori yours💕



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